American Football Coaching made in Switzerland

American football is not a hobby, it's a way of life!

The Mission

I see it as my mission to improve offensive line athletes and entire OL squads by sharing my experience and know-how to take your offensive gameplay to the next level.

To do this, I not only want to coach athletes, but also educate coaches and build an OL community in Switzerland where we all work together, exchange ideas and thus improve the quality of Swiss American football and continue to encourage growth.

For far too long, offensive line squads have received too little attention and coaching, especially in Switzerland.

American Football Coaching

I have been actively involved in American football since 2001 and have not only reinvented and proven myself time and again as an athlete, but have also trained and developed as a coach and can use my many years of experience to help you and/or your team reach the next level.

My position coaching is not only based on my own experience, but also on exchanges with various OL coaches and coaching methods of well-known greats, such as the NFL coach and initiator of the first OL academy Le Charles Bentley, the RheinFire ELF OL coach Erol Seval and many more.


July 26th 2001 Official registration in the Freiburg Sacristans club and the SAFV

2002 Change to AFVD6.67

2001 - 2003 Freiburg Sacristans Juniors

2002 + 2003 Youth selection team BaWü

2004 - 2011 Freiburg Sacristans Seniors

2011 - 2018 Gladiators of both Basel

2018 - 2020 Argovia Pirates

Since 2020 Langenthal Invaders


2003 Youth Selection Team BaWü - German Championship in the Youth Country Tournament

2003 NFL Europe Juniors Summer Camp - MVP Offensive Line

2003 Freiburg Sacristans Seniors - Champion Verbandsliga (5th league) and promotion to Oberliga (4th league)

2007 Freiburg Sacristans Seniors - Champion Oberliga (4th league) and promotion to Regionalliga (3rd league)

2008 Freiburg Sacristans Seniors - MVP Offensive Line

2011 Gladiators beider Basel Seniors - runner-up Nati A

2012 Gladiators beider Basel Seniors - runner-up Nati A

2013 Gladiators beider Basel Seniors - runner-up Nati A

2014 Gladiators beider Basel Seniors - Swiss Champion Nati A

2017 Gladiators beider Basel Seniors - runner-up Nati A

2019 Argovia Pirates - MVP Offense

2022 Langenthal Invaders Seniors - Swiss Champion Nati C

2023 Langenthal Invaders - MVP Offense Ground Awards

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