The Solar.Pro.Tool software administration offer is aimed at

- Existing and potential SPT instance owners of Levasoft GmbH.

Please use the contact form to request a consultation.

Expertise, Advice and Service

As one of the longest users of the Solar.Pro.Tool software, I have been in contact with Levasoft GmbH since 2012 and have worked closely with the managing directors and software developers on its further development.

From January 2020 until May 2024, I also worked as a software administrator for the leading Swiss wholesaler with what is now the largest Solar.Pro.Tool instance.

Within a very short time, I was able to implement improvements and achieve unprecedented success thanks to my structured and customer-oriented way of thinking with in-depth technical know-how of PV components, especially mounting systems and in-depth knowledge of the design software.


After only 3.5 years of support, I have built the largest Solar.Pro.Tool instance

and can boast the following successes:

476% increase in user accounts

Increase of the annually planned roof areas by 550

Increase in the number of modules planned annually by 360

Reduction in the number of internally planned roof areas from 45% to less than 20%

Provision of several third-party systems

Implementation of several pitched roof and flat roof systems, as well as façade solutions and in-roof systems

Introduction of sensible workflows for error messages, ticket entry and update process

Interface setup from and to webshop

Interface setup from and to ElektroForm Solar (central registration software for PVA in CH)

Annual organization of several webinar series

Creation and compilation of 27 SPT short videos

Services in the area of software administration

- Initial commissioning of a Solar.Pro.Tool instance with all desired components,

articles, mounting systems, mounting system combinations: I take over and/or accompany you during the process of setting up your SPT instance.

- Takeover of an existing Solar.Pro.Tool instance including Levasoft ticket system:

You already have an SPT instance and would like to hand over the administration.

- Maintenance, support, monitoring and further development of the software instance.

- Ticket entry via the Levasoft ticketing system.

- Updates at regular intervals, including checking of all tickets checked in by Levasoft and general function checks, first on the test environment (STAGE) and after your approval on the productive environment (Prod.).

Additional services (if not included in the selected administration package)

User and license management

- Advice on contractual issues of the instance owner vis-à-vis Levasoft GmbH

- Advice on the setup, structuring, etc. of the Solar.Pro.Tool software instance

- Other consulting and services, by arrangement

- Individual training for the use of the Solar.Pro.Tool

- Implementation of webinars for the use of the Solar.Pro.Tool including recording

and distribution of the image and sound material in original form

- Implementation of individual SPT training courses online or on site

- Updating and maintaining the news text on your SPT instance

- Planning in the Solar.Pro.Tool

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